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You asked and we answered: Here is everything you want to know about CSC and more (with an emphasis on "more"): 


So, your name is Clean Sweep Copy ... are you a cleaning service? 

No — at least not in the way most people think of cleaning services (although we do tip our hats to the incredibly hard workers in that industry). Clean Sweep Copy is a one-stop shop for writing, editing, design and branding needs. We give your imagery and copy a clean sweep to make sure your message SPARKLES. (Boring, generic business names be damned!) 

spot-png copy.png
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Why can't I just use editing and writing software? 

While going the software route might seem cheaper and more convenient, the truth is, it will only get you so far. Automated services might catch basic spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, but chances are they won't catch all of them, and they definitely won't customize your copy to reflect your brand or marketing strategy. 


If you’re trying to impress clients, customers or potential employers (like make their jaws drop to the floor in awe and their eyes bug out of their heads in admiration), you need a writing and editing service that not only thoroughly covers all the basics but ALSO makes sure your copy is structurally streamlined, is factually accurate and weaves your brand story into your message. 


Our job, first and foremost, is to make your message larger than life. There's no software on the market that can do that! 

Why did you choose a maid and a dog as your mascots? 

Because we pride ourselves on CLEANING UP written and visual messages for clients, we figured a tech-savvy maid who’s also an editing expert was the perfect mascot. And what’s a mascot without a cute and trusty sidekick? RUFF copy doesn’t stand a chance with Spot the dog by Chloe’s side (wink, wink to all the pun lovers out there)! Although Chloe and Spot were drawn by CSC founder Jennifer Spugnardi, they are not meant to represent any particular person or pet. Actually, Spot is symbolic of the numerous pets that CSC helps through adoptions and donations

What's your favorite flavor of muffin?

Definitely cranberry, but blueberry is right up there too!


Why are the projects that you’ve worked on for Ruby’s Bar & Grill used for most of your samples? 

We often work behind the scenes for clients, who count on our discretion — remember, we help YOU shine — and that’s something we gladly honor. Also, when we do projects for other clients, there’s no guarantee that our original wording, edits and designs will stay intact over time, so providing samples of our original published work can be challenging.  

Ruby’s Bar & Grill has been our client for almost 10 years and has graciously agreed to let us share all the work we’ve done for them. During that time, we’ve had complete creative and editorial control over everything from their menus, business cards and banners to their website, T-shirts and other merchandise (insert maniacal mad professor cackle and hand twisting here … ha-ha; seriously, though, we promise world domination is not on our agenda). 

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve worked for a diverse client base, though, so we encourage you to check out some of the brands we’ve helped on the homepage. 

Wow, you do a lot! Is there anything you don't do?

Well, aren’t you nice; thanks for noticing! We are fortunate to have highly qualified and respected connections in numerous publishing industries, so if we feel like your project is not within our field of expertise — such as book editing — we’re always happy to refer you to pros who can get you where you need to go. And, it’s worth mentioning again that Clean Sweep Copy isn’t a traditional cleaning service … so, no, we don’t do windows. 


What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept PayPal; credit cards, debit cards and Venmo (through PayPal); checks … and chocolate peanut butter cups. (OK, so maybe not that last one … but, seriously, how SWEET would that be?!) The free estimates that we email to clients also double as invoices and include a payment link and short summary of applicable terms and conditions. If you are satisfied with your estimate, simply click the payment link in it to pay online, or email us that you would like to pay by check. Once payment is made in full, we’ll begin working on your project. For clients with large ongoing projects, we’re happy to negotiate a contract that outlines a custom payment and deadline schedule. 

Whose voice is that on your automated business line? 

That would be CSC owner Jennifer Spugnardi. Although Jennifer has no formal voice work training, she has lent her voice to business presentations for clients in addition to recording CSC’s automated answering system. Her range can go from super serious to super silly, so she thinks it would be incredibly cool to be a featured voice in an animated series or film someday. Could it ever happen? Who knows! Guess you’ll have to stay TOON-ed (you do realize that not adding that pun there would have been sacrilegious).


Know any good jokes?

What do a tick and the Eiffel Tower have in common? They're both Paris sites.


(Hey, it's our job to help you shine, not to write comedy. So, let's talk!) 

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