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Terms & Conditions

Clean Sweep Copy Terms & Conditions

Description & Disclaimer

Clean Sweep Copy does not assume responsibility or liability for errors of omission or commission for any of its services. All final changes are based solely upon the discretion of the client, and the client takes full responsibility for any and all changes. Likewise, Clean Sweep Copy cannot guarantee that clients who use its resume services will be offered employment. Resumes are only one step in the hiring process, and although Clean Sweep Copy can help clients get noticed by hiring managers, it is the responsibility of the client to perform well during interviews and meetings. In cases where temporary logins have been provided by clients for Clean Sweep Copy to work directly in clients' content management systems, it is the responsibility of the client to disable those temporary logins after projects have been completed (please see the Privacy Policy section below). By using Clean Sweep Copy’s editing and writing services, clients automatically approve the use of Associated Press style guidelines, which are used by respected print and online news outlets.



  1. Any pricing outlined on this site is a base price and is subject to change according to the complexity of the project.
    * Please note:
    – The 10 percent “new client” discount applies only to the client’s first project with Clean Sweep Copy and is limited to one project per client.
    – To qualify for the charitable organization discount, nonprofits must have 501(c)(3) status. For nonprofits that qualify, the charitable organization discount will always apply, but only one charitable organization discount can be used per project.
    – Clean Sweep Copy periodically offers special service promotions. During such promotions, discounts are applied to purchases in accordance with the terms and expiration dates clearly outlined on

  2. Pricing based on word counts are determined through the use of TransAbacus and Microsoft Word’s Word Count tool.

  3. Clean Sweep Copy is happy to provide clients with unlimited free estimates. The price listed in the client’s most recent free estimate is the amount that will be initially charged if the client wishes to make a purchase (please see No. 4 in this section).

  4. For smaller one-time services (e.g., resumes, website writing/editing, banner and business card design), Clean Sweep Copy emails free estimates to clients, unless otherwise instructed; free estimates can also be mailed to a physical address. Free estimates highlight the price of services as well as all applicable factors from No. 1 of this section. Estimate emails include a payment link for online transactions and a pay-by-check option. Estimates mailed to a physical address have an optional invoice attached. Depending on the scope of the finished project, Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to send clients a follow-up invoice for additional payment, which clients are obligated to pay upon receipt, or to give clients a partial refund.

  5. For large-scale and/or ongoing projects (e.g., website and social media maintenance), Clean Sweep Copy is happy to draw up a custom contract that reflects negotiated deadlines, pricing and a weekly or monthly payment schedule.

  6. Clients who use Clean Sweep Copy’s services for business purposes might be able to claim them as tax write-offs. Clean Sweep Copy strongly urges clients to consult with a certified public accountant regarding this benefit.

Payment Guidelines

  1. For smaller, one-time services (resumes, website writing/editing, banner and business card design, etc.), Clean Sweep Copy includes a corresponding payment link on estimates. If clients are satisfied with the details outlined in their free estimate, they can click the payment link to make an online purchase or choose the pay-by-check option.
    * Please note: Clients are under no obligation to make a purchase.

  2. By making a payment, clients acknowledge that they agree to the terms and conditions explained in this document as well as those outlined in their free estimate. Their free estimate doubles as their invoice.

  3. Clients must pay in full before Clean Sweep Copy can begin a smaller one-time service. If advanced payment has been made by check, work cannot begin until the check clears.
    * Please note: Once payment has been made in full and work has begun, full payment is nonrefundable. However, if payment has been made but work has not yet begun, a full refund will be given. Thus, clients’ chances of getting back a full refund after canceling an order are greatly improved if they email or call Clean Sweep Copy immediately. Partial refunds are at the discretion of Clean Sweep Copy.

  4. For large-scale, ongoing services (see No. 5 under the Pricing section), Clean Sweep Copy customizes its services to clients’ needs and schedules and sends invoices on an agreed-upon weekly or monthly schedule that reflect agreed-upon pricing and payment deadlines.
    * Please note: Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to suspend or stop services to clients who fail to meet payment deadlines, and Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to seek legal action against clients for compensation still owed. 

  5. The only acceptable method of online payment is through PayPal, which includes options to pay by debit card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover, or with Venmo through PayPal.

  6. Mailing or calling in debit or credit card information is strictly prohibited. (Please see the Privacy Policy section below.)

  7. Clean Sweep Copy accepts compensation in only U.S. dollar amounts.
    * Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet or follow the payment guidelines.


Turnaround Times & Deadlines

Clients determine their preferred turnaround times and deadlines for services when they reach out to Clean Sweep Copy. If these requests are doable, Clean Sweep Copy will outline the specified turnaround times and deadlines in the free estimate. If the requests are not doable, Clean Sweep Copy will negotiate alternate turnaround times and deadlines with clients to ensure the best quality in a more appropriate time frame.


Privacy Policy

  1. Clean Sweep Copy keeps prospective client, current client and former client information private. This covers the following interactions:
    a. information clients share on Clean Sweep Copy’s free estimate form;
    b. all written and verbal correspondence directly pertaining to Clean Sweep Copy’s services, including temporary logins given by clients for access to their publishing platforms;
    c. agreed-upon personalized quotes and terms and conditions pertaining to Clean Sweep Copy’s services.

  2. As stated in the Description & Disclaimer section above, clients who grant Clean Sweep Copy access to their publishing platforms through the use of a temporary login must disable that login after projects have been completed. Clean Sweep Copy does not accept responsibility for and cannot be held liable for website security breaches or the mishandling of website information by clients and their employees.

  3. Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to keep all estimate information and copies of correspondence on file.

  4. All online payments are processed through PayPal’s safe and secure website. Clean Sweep Copy uses PayPal’s payment processing services because of its A rating with the Better Business Bureau. A PayPal account is not necessary to use the service; options are available to pay by debit or credit card. All online purchases MUST be made through PayPal; mailing or calling in debit or credit card information is prohibited. Because Clean Sweep Copy does NOT have access to clients’ credit card or debit card information when purchases are made, it cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen debit or credit card information.


  1. The fastest and most effective way to communicate with Clean Sweep Copy is via email or phone. The best time to reach Clean Sweep Copy is during regular business hours, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

  2. To prevent email correspondence from filtering into spam folders, Clean Sweep Copy strongly suggests clients add to their “safe sender” list. Clean Sweep Copy is not responsible for delayed or lost emails.

  3. Clean Sweep Copy’s phone lines and email account are for business communication only. Harassing calls, including prank calls, and harassing emails are not tolerated.
    * Please note: Clean Sweep Copy uses communication-identification software to monitor and trace all calls and emails. Those who make harassing calls, including prank calls, and send harassing emails will be reported to authorities and could face criminal charges.


Trademarks & Copyrights

  1. All content and cartoon images on this website are the intellectual and creative property of Clean Sweep Copy and cannot be copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed by any means without permission from Clean Sweep Copy. Violators are subject to prosecution under penalty of law.

  2. All logos and custom imagery designed for clients by Clean Sweep Copy are not considered the property of the clients until Clean Sweep Copy registers the works under the clients’ names with the United States Copyright Office. This registration process will require an additional service fee.


Closing Note

Clean Sweep Copy reserves the right to define and determine any term or condition not covered in this document and make changes to this document at its own discretion and without notice.

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