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A blackboard filled with chalk drawings representing CSC's thought process when creating impactful copy

Writing & editing 
that resonate

When it comes to getting your message across effectively, quality writing and editing are a MUST.

Whether you need an energy-infused website, an attention-grabbing advertisement or an awe-inspiring flyer, we can help. We channel the needs and personalities of our clients to craft amazing customized copy.

And while most editing services just do a quick grammar, punctuation and spell check, we give all content a thorough edit — a deep clean. This includes reworking sentences for clarity and conciseness, checking facts and even fixing spacing issues.

So, whether you need a hand with writing, editing or both, we can help you get your message across clearly and flawlessly!


Our writing rates start at 25 cents a word and reflect the following:


• Amount of research involved
• Number and nature of special instructions
• Requested turnaround time
• 10 percent introductory discount for new clients

Our editing rates start at 10 cents a word and reflect the following:


• Original condition of text
• Number of facts to be verified and links to be checked
• Requested turnaround time
• Editing option preference (we show you the fixes that need to be made or we make the fixes directly)

• 10 percent introductory discount for new clients

Call us at 888-767-EDIT (3348), email us at, fill in the chat icon on the lower right or fill out our Tell Us form for a free consultation, and see why one of our repeat clients calls us “a magician with words”!

Just a few of the brands we've done writing and editing projects for directly and through our business partners ... 

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